Magina Skill Build

 i have used this skill build and i assure u IT WORKS, we make anti max his shield and break first after one level of blink. Y max spell shield so early, cuz it is percentage based and keeps you up to level at all stages of the game and makes up for anti's sorry ass hp gain. It is greatly beneficial as todays game is very magic damage centered

Spell buildup can be altered as per the requirement but always have break maxed out first, blink and shiled is where you can put in your preference, but as a rule of thumb have blink at level one or 2 and another level should be taken before level 10.Below mentioned skillset is mostly used against a balanced team with a couple of carries, intellies and a tank 

Chase and kill magina build, better build to get more kills.

then ofcource start taking stats and get level 3 of your ulti.

The ANTI-Mage skill build

People love to take magina when the opponents have a lot of intellies, 3 or even 2. The upper build woud not be that efficient against 2+ spell spammers,

Even in this spell build we donot comprise on leveling the break, as that is your most wanted spell. we gave him more survivability against spell casters, remeber in this build you have a high cool down on your blink, so use it wisely

BLINK OR BREAK at level one
Blink is normally taken at hero level one, I some times take break instead of blink at hero level it gives you imba damage and a kill is possible with a good support, taking break or blink at level one is totally ur choice
+ if you have a disbler or stunner lane partner use your break to the best effect and experiment with break at level one a good spell build up should have 3 levels of break at hero level 5

Blink or spell shield,

Depends on your opponents and your team mates.
if you have good support and your job becomes to finish off the fleeing heroes then keep on upgrading your blink to chase
if the other team has a lot of inteli heroes or spell spammers, like zues and leshrac, then take and upgrade your spell shield after taking one level of blink, upgrade blink after break and shield. IF YOU LEAVE BLINK TO BE MAXED LATER THEN YOU WOULD BE GIVING UP YOUR CHASING ABILITY, CHOOSE WISELY. most players keep a level 2 blink and upgrade it after maxing the spell shield. Advanced players max blink before maxing shield

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