Storm Spirit Skill Build

1:55 AM
Skill Build
Static Remnant
Electric Vortex
Electric Vortex
Electric Vortex
Ball Lightning
Electric Vortex
Static Remnant
Static Remnant
Static Remnant
Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning
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Lina Skill Build

1:55 AM
Skill Build:

Level 1: Light Srtike Array(1)
Level 2: Dragon Slave(1)
Level 3: Dragon Slave(2)
Level 4: Light Strike Array(2)
Level 5: Dragon Slave(3)
Level 6: Laguna Blade(1)
Level 7: Light Strike Array(3)
Level 8: Dragon Slave(4)
Level 9: Light Strike Array(4)
Level 10: Fiery Soul(1)
Level 11: Laguna Blade(2)
Level 12: Fiery Soul(2)
Level 13: Fiery Soul(3)
Level 14: Fiery Soul(4)
Level 15: Stats(1)
Level 16: Laguna Blade(3)
Level 17-25: Stat(2-10)

Explanation: This skill build is much like the first role but the difference is we took Light Srtike Array first than Dragon Slave. The main reason why we get Light Strike Array is because whenever your teammates call for a gank in the early parts of the game, they'll need your stun to prolong the stun duration whenever a teammates of yours cast a stun or a slow spell.
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Gyrocopter Skill Build

1:52 AM
1. Homo Missle
2. Flak Cannon
3. Rocket Barrage
4. Homo Missle
5. Homo Missle
6. Duh...Call Down
7. Homo Missle
8. Rocket Barrage
9. Flak Cannon
10. Rocket Barrage
11. Another duh...Call Down
12. Flak Cannon
13. Rocket Barrage
14. Flak Cannon
15. Stats
16. Yet another duh...Call Down
17.-25. Guess what?!
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Troll Warlord Skill Build

1:51 AM
Skill Build
Basic Cookie Cutter build
Level 1 - Berserker Rage/Whirling Axes
Level 2 - Whirling Axes/Berserker Rage
Level 3 - Whirling Axes
Level 4 - Fervor
Level 5 - Whirling Axes
Level 6 - Battle Trance
Level 7 - Whirling Axes
Level 8 - Fervor
Level 9 - Fervor
Level 10 - Fervor
Level 11 - Battle Trance
Level 12 - Berserker Rage/Stats
Level 13 - Berserker Rage/Stats
Level 14 - Berserker Rage/Stats
Level 15 - Stats/Berserker Rage
Level 16 - Battle Trance
Level 17+ Stats/Berserker Rage
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Rikimaru Skill Build

1:49 AM

Level 1 - Smoke Screen
Level 2 - Blink Strike
Level 3 - Blink Strike
Level 4 - Stats/Backstab
Level 5 - Blink Strike
Level 6 - Permanent Invisibility
Level 7 - Blink Strike
Level 8 - Backstab
Level 9 - Backstab
Level 10 - Backstab
Level 11 - Permanent Invisibility
Level 12 - Backstab/Stats
Level 13 - Smoke Screen
Level 14 - Smoke Screen
Level 15 - Smoke Screen
Level 16 - Permanent Invisibility
Level 17 - Stats
Level 18 - Stats
Level 19 - Stats
Level 20 - Stats
Level 21 - Stats
Level 22 - Stats
Level 23 - Stats
Level 24 - Stats
Level 25 - Stats


Smoke Screen is gotten at Level 1 because its silence is the same at all levels and it helps you escape and take less damage early when you are the weakest. Blink Strike is then maxed as it is your best chase, escape, farm skill. I have been getting a lot of comments from people who argue that Blink Strike is better at level 1. Usually I would disregard these people as morons, but in some cases Blink Strike could be more useful than Smoke Screen. I usually prefer Smoke Screen at level 1 because with Blink Strike you need a unit in the right position for your escape, whereas Smoke Screen can be always be used.

Stats or Backstab can be gotten at level 4, Backstab would be better in a lane with 2 melee heroes where you wouldn’t need to worry about harassment as much, stats are better against ranged opponents where you get almost no hits in and you need the HP. Permanent Invisibility is gotten at 6 obviously. After that max Blink Strike and Backstab, getting Permanent Invisibility at 11, then max Smoke Screen and Permanent Invisibility.
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Mirana Skill Build

1:49 AM
Skill Build

1 - Elune's Arrow 1 / Leap 1
2 - Leap 1 / Elune's Arrow 1
3 - Starfall 1
4 - Starfall 2
5 - Starfall 3
6 - Elune's Arrow 2
7 - Starfall 4
8 - Elune's Arrow 3
9 - Elune's Arrow 4
10 - Moonlight Shadow 1
11 - Moonlight Shadow 2
12 - Leap 2
13 - Leap 3
14 - Leap 4
15 - Stats
16 - Moonlight Shadow 3
17 - Stats
18 - Stats
19 - Stats
20 - Stats
21 - Stats
22 - Stats
23 - Stats
24 - Stats
25 - Stats

Skill Build Justification
Elune’s Arrow and Leap for the first two levels. The choice of which one to go for first is entirely yours. You should get Elune’s Arrow if you think your team will try an early gank or Leap if you’re trying to escape an early gank attempt. I usually go with Elune’s Arrow but hey, it’s your choice.
Next you want to maximize Starfall. The reason why you want to maximize Starfall before Elune’s Arrow, is because Starfall is a much more reliable skill then Elune’s Arrow. You can’t really miss Starfall. Besides Elune’s Arrow’s stun stays the same at all levels, so level 1 is fine for you.
At level 9 you should've maxed out both Starfall and Elune’s Arrow, because, as the game goes on, the less effective your nuke's damage is.
Next two points at your ultimate, you don't want your ultimate earlier because you won't really have the mana required to use it, since you'll be ganking all the time.
Following then max out Leap. If you feel you need it, you can trade Leap for Stats, although I really think Leap is superior.
Same thing for your ultimate, if you feel you need the extra stats go ahead and take them instead of Moonlight Shadow.
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Alchemist Skill Build

1:48 AM
Skill Builds

Alch is one of those heroes that can be built a few different ways. All the skill builds have you make out your nuke-stun first, and that is probably the only thing that is absolutely set in stone for playing Alch. I'll present 3 skill builds. Each one serves a particular playstyle, and I'll explain each one.

The Face Smasher
1. Unstable Concoction
2. Acid Spray
3. Unstable Concoction
4. Acid Spray
5. Unstable Concoction
6. Chemical Rage
7. Unstable Concoction
8. Acid Spray
9. Acid Spray
10. Goblin's Greed
11. Chemical Rage
12. Goblin's Greed
13. Goblin's Greed
14. Goblin's Greed
15. Stats
16. Chemical Rage

This build is optimized towards getting into your opponents' faces as fast as possible. You stun, you spray acid, you smack them until they die, and you do it during the early game. That's the idea behind this skill build.

I also recommend this when facing off against a weak lane. Say a Juggernaut paired with a Phantom Assassin. You can basically free farm as long as you set yourself up as the dominant force in the lane.

The Rich Man
1. Unstable Concoction
2. Goblin's Greed
3. Acid Spray
4. Goblin's Greed
5. Acid Spray
6. Chemical Rage
7. Acid Spray
8. Acid Spray
9. Goblin's Greed
10. Goblin's Greed
11. Chemical Rage
12. Unstable Concoction
13. Unstable Concoction
14. Unstable Concoction
15. Stats
16. Chemical Rage

This is for those who have the $$$ in their eyes. If you have absolutely phenomenal last hitting ability, you'll be able to fully utilize this skill build. You stay a threat since you have your stun, and you become a bigger threat with your intensive farming. Maxing out Acid Spray intensifies your farming and allows you to last hit much easier as well as harassing enemies in the lane (especially melee heroes).

I would almost never recommend doing this build. It's useful in one very select situation that should never happen: your team has no carry. Then it falls to you to step up and farm your damn heart out. Finish ALL your core items by the 15-20 minute mark and one luxury item by 25-27 minutes. Go kill the other team and lol while they realize they shouldn't have let you farm.

1. Unstable Concoction
2. Goblin's Greed
3. Unstable Concoction
4. Stats
5. Unstable Concoction
6. Chemical Rage
7. Unstable Concoction
8. Acid Spray
9. Acid Spray
10. Acid Spray
11. Chemical Rage
12. Acid Spray
13. Goblin's Greed
14. Goblin's Greed
15. Goblin's Greed
16. Chemical Rage

This is my personal build. I am a big believer in taking a level of stats in the early game for that little bit of extra padding on both HP and Mana. I've been saved by it enough to really incorporate it into most of my gameplay.

You'll notice the one level of Goblin's Greed. If you're able to chain your last hits back to back, it really pumps up your gold income by around 15-20% in the early game. I take Acid Spray going into the mid game when I'm assisting in ganks and pushing lanes.
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